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Navigating faith as a Doctor in today’s world.

Estimated reading time: 8-10 mins This week, I got together with two amazing doctors, very different in backgrounds but interlinked by faith, to have a chat the topic of navigating faith whilst working in the healthcare field. Specifically with Dr Samantha, I have interspersed audio clips of parts of our conversation that particularly touched me […]


Thoughts on Truth – What is your truth?

Truth is something that means differently to all of us. Sometimes we see in the media; an individual may be doing an interview or telling their story on a certain matter; a perspective on an issue. People can be scrutinised for what they’ve said and others may lunge forward in defence and protest that the […]

Conversation Series. Testimony Corner

Conversation Series: Ryan Bartley

Hello lovely people. I’m so excited about this blog post! To be fair, I’m excited about every blog post I write, but this one I’m especially excited about because I got to sit down with this guy Ryan, (pictured above with me) and talk about his journey with God.I attend Trinity Baptist Church, where I […]