Career - Physician Associate Conversation Series. Faith Testimony Corner

Navigating faith as a Doctor in today’s world.

Estimated reading time: 8-10 mins This week, I got together with two amazing doctors, very different in backgrounds but interlinked by faith, to have a chat the topic of navigating faith whilst working in the healthcare field. Specifically with Dr Samantha, I have interspersed audio clips of parts of our conversation that particularly touched me […]

Career - Physician Associate Faith

Have I ever questioned my faith in healthcare?

When I reflect on whether if I have ever questioned my faith in healthcare, I want to say I have because healthcare is devastating at times isn’t it?! There are absolutely joyous moments but when the down times come, they come hard! I saw young patients who would probably never walk again or talk properly […]

Career - Physician Associate Faith Testimony Corner

How the Physician Associate life found me.

The journey to get to where I am right now has not been a smooth one. But no journey is ever smooth is it? I think the question we all ask ourselves sometimes when embarking on a career journey is: “how do I know if this is the profession for me?” How do I know […]