Career - Physician Associate Conversation Series. Faith Testimony Corner

Navigating faith as a Doctor in today’s world.

Estimated reading time: 8-10 mins This week, I got together with two amazing doctors, very different in backgrounds but interlinked by faith, to have a chat the topic of navigating faith whilst working in the healthcare field. Specifically with Dr Samantha, I have interspersed audio clips of parts of our conversation that particularly touched me […]

Conversation Series. Faith Testimony Corner

Conversation Series: Adekunle Adeniran, (pt. 1)

PART 1: THE FUNDAMENTALS. Hello again lovely people. I’m back again with another conversation series, and what I love about this conversation this time round is there is a central theme of love running through; a clear message. That’s the Holy Spirit y’all! I started doing the ‘Conversation Series’ because I have met, and continue […]

Conversation Series. Testimony Corner

Conversation Series: Ryan Bartley

Hello lovely people. I’m so excited about this blog post! To be fair, I’m excited about every blog post I write, but this one I’m especially excited about because I got to sit down with this guy Ryan, (pictured above with me) and talk about his journey with God.I attend Trinity Baptist Church, where I […]

Conversation Series.

Conversation Series with Tom Fruci

Yes guys. I’m back. And boy it’s been a long time. I haven’t written a blog piece in quite a while but i’m back at it! So far, I have met so many outstanding children of God through the Lux Nova instagram and it sparked an idea! So here it is! The first post to start […]