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Padella : REVIEW

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Welcome all to my first restaurant review blog post! Eeeek! I don’t know why I never did this before because I LOVE to dine out. I love cooking but I enjoy the experience of dining out a lot. A little intro as to why I wanted to start writing food/restaurant reviews and then we will dive straight into it. Food and I have a tricky past. Because of my Sickle Cell growing up, food and I were not best friends due to the lack of appetite I had. I only ever stomached a bowl of Weetabix or bland food like rice & butter. (yeah you read that right; it’s actually tasty). And so as I grew up, thanks to God, I was able to actually enjoy eating food and so now I have an immense gratitude to be able to enjoy food the way I can now.

Anyway, back story over; lets get into the review!


Padella is located right near the well known Borough Market in London Bridge. A nice area to walk around and situated in a place where it is very easy to get to! Now this place I’ve seen numerous times on Instagram so it went straight onto my list of restaurants to try out at some point. And then the Eat Out to Help Out scheme arrived and I knew now was my time.

For those unaware (international readers) the Eat Out to Help out scheme was a government scheme running throughout August giving people 50% of food and non-alcoholic drinks with a discount of up to a maximum of £10 per person.

SERVICE = 4.0/5

Now Padella operate via walkin and not bookings so you queue virtually via an app called WalkUp. This app is a bit……..meh. It was easy to join the queue but sometimes it doesn’t update properly and next time it says you’re kicked out of the queue. However we were keeping near the restaurant so we were able to ask the waitress if we were still in the queue. So after all of waiting 2 hours (don’t ask me if I’d wait this long again for food lol) we got our seats and I’ll admit it was a seamless process to get to our seats; no kerfuffle. 🙂

The service from staff was nice. Not extraordinary but not terrible either. Just normal so nothing to rave out.

AMBIENCE = 4.0/5

So the ambience is also something not really to rave out – it was decent. I think the place itself is a little cramped however Padella do have a bigger branch in Shoreditch so you can check that one out. I’m not a big fan of dark lighting in restaurants and Padella comes under this category unfortunately so I was a bit impartial to that. However it’s not a big fuss for me.

FOOD = 4.5/5

Okay, the MOST important part of course! The food. Who doesn’t love pasta right? It’s amongst the elite of carbs. (Rice comes first obvs – don’t fight me). Padella definitely do pasta right and I felt like I got a good taste of the dishes ordered. What was ordered?

Gnocchi with nutmeg butter = £4
Gnocchi with nutmeg butter

Beautiful dish. I’d give it a 5/5 on its own. I love anything cooked in butter but there was a great balance of flavour in this dish. The nutmeg was more pronounced when tasting the sauce on its own rather then eating the gnocchi itself but that wasn’t a great issue for me. In summary I really enjoyed this dish.

Tagliarini with dry chilli, garlic and pangrattato = £5.50
Tagliarini with dry chilli, garlic and pangrattato

This dish was somewhat a bit anti-climatic. I mean I guess there’s only so much you can expect when you’ve got the key ingredients of chilli & olive oil but I do think it could’ve done with a splash of salt. I mean, it wouldn’t hurt right? lol. I’d give this dish a 3/5.

Pappardelle with 8 hours Dexter beef shin ragu = £10
Pappardelle with 8 hours Dexter beef sin ragu

Ooooo this dish was like comfort food on a sad winter’s day. What a wholesome dish. That beef was so tender and soft so definitely the consequence of probably slow cooking that beef shin for 8 hours in a good amount of red wine me thinks! I did have to dash a bit of salt & pepper on there but all in all a solid dish which I would also give 5/5.

Tagliatelle with girolle mushrooms £11.50

Another great dish! Anyone else used to hate mushrooms when younger but now love it? Well that’s definitely me haha. The mushrooms were great in taste – not as earthy as chestnut or shiitake mushrooms for example. I’d never had these type of mushrooms before so I enjoyed that. They got the flavour right in this one therefore I didn’t have to add any salt or pepper to this at all! This is probably due to that semi-creamy sauce they have tossed the pasta and mushrooms in! In summary I’d give this dish a 5/5 too!

PRICE = 5/5

For my first few reviews, pricing will be a bit skewed because I ate during eat out to help out so I will say what I thought of the price during the EOTHO scheme and if I would’ve gone outside of the scheme.

EOTHO pricing was magnificent. Between myself and my cousin who I dined out with, the bill came to a total of about £21 it was definitely a steal!

Would I have dined out here outside of the scheme?

Yes! I’m not sure about the queuing….lol but all in all, the dishes were definitely up to par.

Summary – would I recommend?

In summary, the star dishes were:

  • Gnocchi with nutmeg butter
  • Pappardelle with 8 hours Dexter beef shin ragu
  • Tagliatelle with girolle mushrooms (but as a summer special it might not be there always and I’ve realised the Padella menu changes).

I would definitely recommend Padella as a place to try out! It’s in an easy to access environment and family friendly too as well!

Well that’s the first restaurant review! Thank you for reading folks, I really appreciate it!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve visited Padella before or if it’s somewhere you’d visit in the future! 🙂

Also what restaurants would you like me to try out? Comment below!

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