“He will meet us where we are”

Have you ever felt like you are drifting further and further away from God? I very often find myself staying lukewarm by coming across other Christians that seem very in tune and on fire for God and concluding that they must be the Christian “all-stars” – like some sort of Avengers and I was some C grade Christian. Ever felt that way?I’ve felt that way for the better half of this year. I knew God wasn’t far away and I always knew in the back of my mind that He is right there waiting for me to come back but it’s more of a me problem; a problem of following through and just starting somewhere. It’s never easy and there are ups and downs but sometimes I believe God is saying to me “start somewhere and I will meet you at your point of need.” Maybe it’s our perception of what it means to be “on fire”, “yearning for God.” Do we compare what we see others are doing and believe that should be our point of comparison? Because I believe that’s what I’ve done sometimes rather than seeking the face of God himself and taking my glance towards the Bible. 

There are many “five steps to being on fire for God again” and they’re not necessarily bad because being “on fire ” isn’t just some Christianese but it is entirely biblical. I love the story that displayed in Mark 24 – On the Road to Emmaus, where two downcast disciples are transformed by an encounter with Jesus; where we are reminded that Jesus is at the centre of everything. And it made me reflect that what if the first and foremost thing that sets our hearts on fire again and captivates our affections, is having sincere interpretation of Scripture that puts Jesus & his finished work front + Center?

But as I reflect I realise when we look back to the days we might have been on fire for Christ, locked deep in the Word and hands raised in worship, it serves as a pointer to reflect + remember but not to wallow in. The issue is the present and the future and what we are to do about it. It’s that we don’t give up – even when distractions intrude our best attempts to have quiet moments with God, we repent and press on and return to the arms of God. 

I don’t have to make up for lost time or be a mile ahead of where I used to but to come back as a call to action and to return to the habits of grace. [Jude 21] Being honest about my heart and where I’m at and I realise that the beauty of God’s love is that it survives spiritual dry times and that we shouldn’t let the lie sink into our minds that spiritual dryness indicates God being far away because He never is; [Psalm 34:18] [Psalm 119:151] 

We need to call upon him with a sincere heart and I believe He will meet us. [Psalm 145:18] [Hebrews 10:22]

Rochelle x

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